Arhel d.o.o. is a company with many years of experience in the field of industrial electronics, mechatronics, development of measuring instruments and sensors for physical quantities and software embedded systems.

We complement our broad expertise in the field of physics, electronics, computer science and mechatronics with knowledge on biotechnology and ecology and realise it in solving environmental problems, biotechnological issues ,optimization of laboratory tests and other products and services that require high-tech solutions in the field of electronics.

Ariel’s solutions span on variety of areas such as:

Our mission is transfer of innovative ideas into commercial products, provision of comprehensive customer services and manufacture turnkey products and systems.

Our customers are:

  • Small, medium, large and start-up businesses that require support in development of their products.
  • Manufacturing companies that require solutions in the field of automation control and regulation of production processes.
  • Research institutions that require transfer of their research ideas and results into final products.
  • Research laboratories looking for specific solutions in the field of analytical techniques and sample preparation.
  • Freshwater managers looking for solutions of eutrophic waters.
  • Industry and operators of wastewater treatment plants looking for solutions in advanced wastewater treatment (removal of persistent substances and metals).
  • Owners of contaminated soils.

How to Find us

Address: Arhel Ltd., Pustovrhova ulica 15, 1210 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 59 924 819
Email: info@arhel.si
Tax code: SI 63097028
Registration number: 1763881000
Bank account : IBAN SI56 0230 3025 6686 409

Production unit

Headquarters & offices, Tržaška cesta

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