Place where innovations meet with customer's needs.

In addition to supply of our own products, we are specialized for target individual solutions with wide range of applications.

Arhel provides its partners with custom made devices, necessary for the realization of complex products and services for the application of electronics in industrial production, research laboratories, as well as in the environmental area such as treatment of wastewater and soil, polishing of water for drinking and industrial processes, improvement of eutrophic water bodies, etc.

  • Electrolytic cells represent advanced electro-chemical technology solution for treatment of water and soil. We have introduced them for the degradation of persistent compounds, control of cyanbactera in water and removal of metal ions. Their operation is based on the electrochemical oxidation processes, where no addition of chemicals for their degradation is needed.

    The operation is based on the formation of short-lived but highly reactive hydroxyl radicals (•HO) produced by electricity. Hydroxyl radicals (•HO) are capable of oxidative degradation and mineralization of pollutants and elimination of dangerous bacteria.

    For the formation of hydroxyl radicals a variety of anode materials are used, such as graphite, platinum, and metal-doped materials. As an anode material with the greatest potential of formation of hydroxyl ions a boron-doped diamond anode (BDDA) is being used. BDDA are very stable and, therefore, safe for processing of drinking water.

  • For the implementation of complex analytical procedures non-standard measuring instruments with analogue and digital real-time data processing is needed. We have prepared a number of solutions for various clients at home and abroad.

    To be able to understand the complex events in the aquatic environment, we have developed a portable measuring suitcase. It is equipped with probes for sensing the physical, chemical and biological parameters in the aquatic environment. The set of measuring probes can be adjusted according to the environmental conditions and monitoring needs.

    An innovation represents a probe equipped with fluorescent sensors for the detection of plant pigments (chlorophyll a and phycocyanin) in natural aquatic environments, enabling the evaluation of cyanobacteria and other phytoplankton populations. Integration of probes into a mobile device enables to obtain continuous temporal and spatial information on the status of the water body, which is not possible by classic approaches of collection of water samples.

    The demonstration of the solution in the natural environments is being carried out within the LIFEStop CyanoBloom project.

  • Arhel is a specialized engineering company in the field of a wide range of products that require the installation of mechatronic assemblies.

    Our clients are companies in the field of measurements, telecommunications, security, as well as research institutions who need individual components or integrated product with built-in mechatronic assembly. A typical example of a complex combination of electronic and mechanical components has been a development and manufacture of safety suitcase for money transfer. The microcontroller system controls the multilevel opening of the drawer, alarms set, sound activation, smoke and pyrotechnic protection systems through RFID and electrical locks.

  • We develop and use embedded systems in most of our products. Modern microcontrollers from different manufacturers are being used.

  • Extraction of whey proteins (lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, immunoglobulins) with high nutritional and medical value

    High-flow protein fractionation and purification approach

    • Modular design (mobile system or simple units upgrade with increasing processing requirements)
    • Complete system automation
    • Closed – loop / zero discharge

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