Research and development projects

Reuse of waste acid whey for extraction of high added value bioactive proteins

LIFE for Acid Whey LIFE16/ENV/SI/000335 (just started; web-page under construction)

Press Release LIFE for Acid Whey

Degradation of pharmaceuticals in wastewaters from nursing homes and hospitals

LIFE PharmDegrade” LIFE13/ENV/000466


Innovative technology for cyanobacterial bloom control

 “LIFE Stop CyanoBloom”; LIFE12 ENV/SI/000783


Demonstration of innovative soil washing technology for removal of toxic metals from highly contaminated garden soil

»LIFE ReSoil“, LIFE12/ENV/SI/000969


Development of electro-chemical treatment device for waters polluted with persistent pharmaceuticals.


Development of systems for drinking water treatment with BDD (Boron Doped Diamond) technology.


Control of harmful cyanobacterial blooms in freshwater bodies.

Co-financed by Slovenian Research Agency.

Some of our business partners

During our operation, we have developed solutions for many well-known end-users. We carry out joint development and testing of products with various companies and research organizations.

Bia d.o.o.
Development of laboratory measurement systems.

Biotehniška fakulteta, Univerza v Ljubljani
Joint research of the application of electrolytic cells.

Fakulteta za farmacijo, Univerza v Ljubljani
Development of systems for the degradation of pharmaceuticals and related complex organic compounds with the use of electro-chemical oxidation methods.

Nacionalni inštitut za biologijo
Joint research on detection of cyanobacteria
Development of systems for prevention of cyanobacteria proliferation
Development of systems for real-time measurements of water parameters

Envit d.o.o.
Establishment of control units for soil detoxification

Infinitus d.o.o.
Manufacture of integrated microprocessor regulators

Metra inženiring d.o.o.
Manufacture of integrated mechatronic and electronic modules

Telekom Slovenije d.d.
Manufacture of Contact ID interface module


We are co-authors of the following patents and patent applications:

Fountain with safe drinking water P-201200092
Process anddevice to control harmful cyanobacteria blooms P-201200026


Publications from the field of cyanobacteria 
Publications from the field of soil washing and remediation technology
Arhel leaflet
“End-over-end” rotator MPB 1500 for performing of tests of bioaccessibility of metals in soil samples