Working group consists of a team of experts in the field of electronics, physics, mechatronics, computer science, engineering, ecology and environmental protection. The interdisciplinary group of experts can realise engineering solutions of ideas and desires of our customers into finished products.

We have established close connections with the most important Slovenian research institutes and universities. Recently, we cooperate actively on projects with the National Institute of Biology, Biotechnical Faculty and Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Ljubljana.

Our research group is registered with the Slovenian Research Agency and has equipped chemical and electrical laboratory, where we perform research in the field of environmental technologies and electronics. Our manufacturing unit is equipped for the production of mechatronic components and electronic modules.

Experienced team of professionals provides solutions in the design of digital and analogue equipment, microprocessors` solutions, embedded software solutions and manufacturing of a wide range of products, ranging from simple to complex solutions in the field of electronic devices, electromechanical equipment, automation, wastewater and soil treatment.

Meet our team


Marko Gerl


Engineering and design of process technology solutions

Branko Hamiti

Procurator, Purchase manager

Mechatronics, Logistic and production of electronic

Gorazd Lakovič


Development of sensors and measurement instruments

Development and production of  mechanical elements

Tomaž Varlec

Organisation of mechanical prodiction

CNC processing and manufacture of mechanical parts

Rihard Murn

Technical implementation and organisation

    Jošt Murn

    technical support

      Luka Teslić, PhD

      Researcher, development of electrotechnics

      Process automatisation, systems and cybernetics

      Mario Marinović

      Mechatronics engineer

      Development of autonomous electro-mechanic components, Process control, PCB design

      Robert Jagodic

        Research and development of environmental technologies

        Maja Zupančič Justin, PhD

        LIFE projects coordination, Research group leader

        Environmental technologies: R&D and implementation of technological solutions for the protection of the environment: wastewater treatment, protection of freshwater resources

        Neža Finžgar, PhD

        Partner, Envit

        Remediation of soil and sediments

        Tinkara Rozina

        Young researcher; PhD student of environmental protection

        Water ecology, plant physiology, application of sensors for on-line water monitoring

        Prof.dr. Domen Leštan,

        External advisor Remediation of soil and sediments


        Marko Kete, PhD

        Researcher and developer in the field of biotechnology

        Analytical methods (HPLC, IR, XRD, SEM, UV-VIS) and the characterization of the materials, data processing

        Blaž Lokar

        Development Engineer for the Field of Biotechnology

        Ion exchange chromatography, filtration, HPLC analysis, polymerization and functionalization of chromatographic media

        Boštjan Košir

        Development Engineer, Chemical Technology